AVA Developer Platform


Arm SystemReady SR-compliant SOAFEE reference development platform based on Ampere Altra SoC

System including:

COM-HPC System consisting of

  • COM-HPC Altra module with 32-core ARM based Ampere Altra SOC
  • COM-HPC Server carrier
  • Intel Quad X710 10GbE LAN card
  • USB 3.0 card for front panel
  • 32 GB DDR4 system memory
  • 128 GB NVMe M.2 storage
  • Liquid cooling assembly
  • 750 Watt power supply
  • Tower enclosure

Ampere Altra SoC (Arm Neoverse N1 based architecture), 32 Arm v8.2 64-bit cores up to 2.8GHz, Arm SystemReady SR, 32GB DDR4 memory, 128GB NVMe storage, 64x PCIe Gen4 lanes (3 x16 available), 4x 10GbE and 1x GbE LAN, 4x USB 3.0/2.0 and 2x USB 3.0 [rear I/O], 2x USB 3.0 [front panel], open source EDKII, CentOS, Ubuntu and Yocto Linux support

Arm SystemReady SR

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