I-Pi SMARC IMX8M Plus Download

I-Pi SMARC  IMX8M Plus supports a variety of OS options to help customers get to market quickly and efficiently:

OS Type Image Download Distro & Kernel Version Image Notes
Source Code


Yocto/Android Source


Latest Image: Hardknott image with Wayland for 2GB (size: 1.95 GB)

All Releases:

Kernel Version: 5.10.72

  • All the features of Yocto are included with the image.
Partner: Foundries.io

LmP - Linux microPlatform (Kirkstone Based)

Adlink Partner Factory

  • FoundriesFactory® documentation available here
  • Includes Bootloader, Factory Tools, Docker Support, OTA
  • Create optimized Linux distribution and start developing within an hour
  • Preconfigured manufacturing tooling and workflow
  • Latest release notes

Latest Image: Debian 10 Image with xfce for 2GB (size: 2.27 GB)

All Releases:

kernel version: 5.10.35

  • The Debian image we used is not the native Canonical image. Debian rootfs runs on top of IMX8MP kernel and it does not support "sudo apt update or upgrade".
  • For Debian, the username is "imx8mp" and password is "adlink123"

Latest Image: Android 11 Image Dual Display

All Releases:  

Kernel Version: 5.10

  • The Android image you see here is a beta version. Currently, it is being developed. Wi-Fi/BT and Internet utilities are not provided in the current image.
  • MIPI DSI Panel B101UAN01.7 (AU Optronics) support is added
  • Dual Display support - HDMI + MIPI DSI Panel support is added
  • 2GB / 2GK / 4GB / 8GB variant support is added
Boot to Qt Image

Latest Image: Qt Image 5.0 version (size: 453 MB)

All Releases:

Factory Reset

Latest Image: UMS Image for 2GB

All Releases:

Boot Loader

Latest Image: UUU Tool with eMMC Image for 2GB

All Releases:

3D Files

I-Pi SMARC IMX8M Plus 3D file


Schematic of I-Pi SMARC Plus Carrier Board