I-Pi SMARC PX30 Download

I-Pi SMARC PX30 supports a variety of OS options to help customers get to market quickly and efficiently:

OS Type Image Download Distro & Kernel Version Image Notes
Source Code


Yocto Source


Latest Image: Yocto Zeus image with xfce Desktop Environment (zip size: 298 MB)

All Releases:

  • All the features of Yocto are included with the image.

Latest Image: Debian 10 Buster with xfce Desktop Environment (zip size: 1.57 GB)

All Releases:

  • The Debian image we used is not the native Canonical image. Debian rootfs runs on top of PX30 kernel and it does not support "sudo apt update or upgrade".

Latest Image: Android 11 (zip size: 599 MB)

Latest Image: Android 11 with CGI image (zip size: 808.1 MB)

All Releases:

  • The Android image you see here is a beta version. Currently, it is being developed. All the features of Android are included with the image.