cExpress-AR: A Powerful CPU+GPU Computer-on-Module based on AMD V2000 at 45W TDP

In a compact size, ADLINK’s cExpress-AR features the AMD V2000 CPU at 45W TDP. Using its powerful built-in display, it can be applied to more applications with more stringent imaging and AI requirements compared to Intel counterparts.


5 Key Features of cExpress-AR:

  1. Exceptional CPU Performance: Built on AMD Zen 2 architecture, AMD V2000 offers multiple cores and threads, providing substantial processing power. This is invaluable for applications demanding high computational performance, like edge computing, AI, and multimedia processing.
  2. Powerful Vega Graphics: One of the standout features of the V2000 series is its integration of AMD's Vega graphics. The Vega GPU ensures robust graphics performance, enabling cExpress-AR module to handle visual-intensive tasks seamlessly. This is crucial for applications like medical imaging, digital signage, gaming, and 4K video playback.
  3. Energy Efficiency: V2000 CPU's 7nm manufacturing process translates to energy efficiency for lower power consumption and reduced heat generation. This feature allows for the possibility of implementing fanless designs meeting a greater variety of applications.
  4. Multi-Display Support: With its potent GPU, the V2000 series can drive multiple high-resolution displays simultaneously and effortlessly. This is a significant advantage for applications like medical imaging, video walls, and in-vehicle infotainment systems.
  5. Flexible I/O Options: The V2000 series offers a rich set of I/O interfaces, including USB, PCIe, and various storage options. This flexibility caters to diverse connectivity requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


In short, utilizing cExpress-AR not only leverages AMD’s powerful V2000 CPU but also its Vega GPU capabilities. The CPU+GPU combined exceptional performance makes it an ideal choice for graphics-intensive applications while ensuring the module’s ability to handle a wide spectrum of tasks efficiently in the embedded market.

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