Express-VR7 – Unmatched Performance, Minimal Power Demands in One Compact Computing Solution

In the next few years, about three-quarters of all data will be produced and processed outside the cloud data centers. The growing demand for embedded processors at the edge, where data creation happens, is eminent. Edge computing is crucial due to the faster expansion of sensor bandwidth along with the critical need for energy efficiency concerning density, heat dissipation, and mobility.

Transform Your Edge Strategy

ADLINK Technology Inc. expands its lineup of computer-on-modules with Express-VR7, powered by AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 with up to 8 cores at 15W and 45W, delivering the best performance per watt in its class. It doesn't just excel in performance but sets a high benchmark for power efficiency, distinguished as one of the most low-power consumption options on the market.

Engineered for sustainability, it offers exceptional performance at a price range tailored for mission-critical data processing and networking applications while prioritizing power efficiency and high-speed network capabilities. Express-VR7 shines with dual 10GbE interfaces for high-speed Ethernet and outstanding efficiency in a minimal power footprint. Featuring 14x PCIe Gen4 lanes and compatibility with backplane KR, copper, and fiber optic connections, it offers unmatched versatility and adaptability designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

Optimized Performance Per Watt

The AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 processor offers strong CPU performance, enabling the module to efficiently handle complex computing tasks at 15 and 45W. This is advantageous in networking applications requiring processing-intensive tasks such as deep packet inspection, virtualization, or software-defined networking (SDN).

In rugged computing, the robust processing power supports real-time monitoring, control systems, or sensor data processing in harsh environments. Higher CPU core counts enhance network equipment performance, particularly in heavy traffic or complex routing scenarios, allowing for multitasking, reduced latency, and improved overall performance. Tasks like deep packet inspection, encryption/decryption, and virtualization all benefit from increased cores. Processing power, speed, and efficiency determine device performance and compatibility across applications.

With up to 8 processing cores and a TDP of 15W and 45W, it effectively balances power consumption and processing power, ideal for demanding heavy networking tasks. Power efficiency is vital for rugged computing applications, ensuring improved network responsiveness.

Revolutionizes Industrial Connectivity

The Express-VR7 proves its worth by providing reliable high-speed connectivity to support robust performance. With its dual 10GbE interfaces, this computer-on-module ensures high-speed Ethernet communication essential for industrial automation, control systems, and data-intensive applications. Whether deployed in manufacturing plants, transportation systems, or utility infrastructure, the Express-VR7's compatibility with diverse connection types, including backplane KR, copper, and fiber optic, ensures seamless integration into existing networks.

Featuring 14x PCIe Gen4 lanes, this integration allows seamless connection of PCIe Gen4-compatible components, such as graphics cards, network adapters, storage devices, and other expansion cards, allowing for efficient data processing and enhanced system performance.

Rugged Design, Robust Construction

The Express-VR7 fills a crucial market gap with its compact, fanless, and power-efficient designs capable of enduring extreme temperatures from -40°C to 85°C, meeting the rising demand for reliability in harsh environments. This innovation integrates high-performance architecture with energy efficiency and industrial-grade reliability, delivering unparalleled performance and revolutionizing industrial connectivity while embodying resilience with its rugged design, catering to industries pushing the boundaries of computing.

The COM Express Type 7 Ryzen V3000 devkit - is conveniently available for purchase via I-Pi wiki, providing everything you need, including extensive documentation and forum support, to assist you in your development projects.


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