ADLINK + collaboration brings ample benefits and security – I-Pi SMARC

ADLINK + collaboration brings ample benefits and security to IoT & Edge device developers has been a close partner of ADLINK in developing SMARC modules using the FoundriesFactory platform, a cloud-based DevOps platform that enables users to develop, deploy, and maintain Linux software, applications, and services for IoT and Edge devices.


Benefits of using the FoundriesFactory platform include, but are not limited to:

  • Simplifying the development and deployment of secured IoT devices and fleets
  • Reducing time-to-market by providing a stable foundation, empowering IoT device makers to focus on their applications, services, and value-added IP
  • Enhancing security by using the Linux micro-Platform, with built-in security and Over-the-Air (OTA) update capabilities
  • Allowing incremental OTA updates without rebooting, using containers for varied applications and services


Using FoundriesFactory, ADLINK can create customized Linux distributions for their SMARC modules, such as the LEC-iMX8MP module with NXP® iMX8M Plus SoC designed for industrial IoT and AI applications. In addition, ADLINK can also leverage the various platform support, such as Arm and Intel SoCs provided by This collaboration not only brings benefit like cloud-service integration and accelerated time-to-market to fellow clients, but also reduces the costs of IoT & Edge product development, management, and security, interoperability maintenance substantially.


In a nutshell, by cooperating with, ADLINK strives to deliver SMARC modules with a secure, scalable, and flexible software platform that can meet your needs for various markets and applications.


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