ADLINK Computer-on-Module solutions support Intel TCC & TSN for hard real-time applications

Ensuring time-critical tasks to be done within the time allotted

Hard real-time processing

As technology continues to evolve, so has the number and types of applications requiring hard real-time processing. Examples include autonomous driving, AI robots, and aviation, to name a few, where critical failures would occur if an assigned task cannot be done within the time span specified, and that processing latencies seen in the past are no longer acceptable. To address this, Intel has come up with two key technologies — Intel® TCC (Time Coordinated Computing) and Intel® TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) — both supported by ADLINK. TCC ensures time synchronization and CPU/IO timeliness within a system, while TSN optimizes time precision control for a synchronized networking between two or more systems.

Intel® TCC (Time Coordinated Computing)

Intel® TCC is a set of features designed to optimize real-time characteristics at the system level, ideal for latency-sensitive applications. It exclusively manages time synchronization, task prioritization, and hardware timeliness throughout the SoC with Intel® TCC Tools, and at the same time provides temporal isolation in protecting such real-time applications from being affected by other processes and events.

In short, Intel® TCC not only offers better out-of-box real-time performance but also maximizes efficiencies by aggregating real-time and non-real-time applications within a single system.


Intel® TSN (Time Sensitive Networking)

TSN is a set of IEEE 802 standards that are defined by the IEEE TSN task group aimed to boost real-time performance via a network. By enabling precise time synchronization between systems and data traffic scheduling, TSN allows for ultra-reliable and low latency communication over Ethernet in supporting time sensitive applications.

COM Express Type 10 Elkhart Lake product component and detail.

ADLINK solutions with Intel® TCC & TSN


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