13th Gen Intel Core COM Express Module, with PCIe Gen4 and USB4 suppor – I-Pi SMARC

13th Gen Intel Core COM Express Module, with PCIe Gen4 and USB4 support, is readily available in an I-Pi devkit

ADLINK's Express-RLP is a versatile COM Express Type 6 module powered by 13th Gen Intel Core processor (formerly Raptor Lake-P). Boasting up to 14 CPU cores, an integrated Intel Iris Xe GPU, DDR5 memory support, and PCIe Gen4 and USB4 interfaces, the module is well suited for a wide range of applications.


The COM Express Type 6 Raptor Lake-P devkit, built around the Express-RLP module, is available on ipi.wiki, providing developers with access to all essential drivers and documents, enabling expedited application development on the 13th Gen Intel Core platform with just one simple click. Streamlining the process has never been easier.


COM Express, a Form Factor

When it comes to compact computer solutions that can be tailored to your various applications and needs, COM Express stands out as a popular Computer on Module (COM) form factor. Its latest Revision 3.1 supports PCIe Gen4 and USB4, taking COM Express modules’ versatility and performance to new heights.


PCIe Gen4 = Multi-faceted Speed Unleashed

PCIe Gen4 is a game-changer in terms of data transfer speed and bandwidth. Its applications in COM Express modules includes but not limited to:

  1. High-Performance Graphics: PCIe Gen4 supports the latest graphics cards, enabling stunning visual experiences for gaming and graphics-intensive applications. The graphics can also be used as co-processor for image analysis for medical ultrasound.
  2. Fast Storage: NVMe SSDs connected via PCIe Gen4 on COM Express modules deliver blistering storage performance, significantly reducing application loading times and data access latency.
  3. AI and Machine Learning: When connecting to external accelerators via PCIe Gen4, COM Express modules can handle AI and machine learning workloads more efficiently, benefiting applications like autonomous vehicles, image recognition, and data analytics.


USB4 = Universal Connectivity

USB4 is a universal connectivity standard that combines the best features of USB and Thunderbolt:

Flexible expansion: USB4 featured COM Express module fulfills connectivity to all

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