I-Pi SMARC Elkhart Lake — a 4-core Intel Atom development kit — has been Ubuntu 20.04 LTS certified for readily deployable edge AI


The I-Pi SMARC Elkhart Lake devkit features ADLINK’s SMARC LEC-EL Short size module. Based on Intel® 6th Gen. Atom® x6425E quad core SoC with Intel UHD integrated graphics, the module offers commendable performance at lower power envelopes while providing comprehensive high-speed I/O interfaces and is available with rugged operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C.

It makes your ideal development and prototyping kit for mission critical, fanless edge computing applications that require ensured safety and reliability.


By using an open-standard COM-based approach, developers can leverage the complex CPU designing by module providers and only focus on their core-function designs. This cannot only reduce their products’ time to market but also ensures hassle-free software deployment and readily upgradability.

That said, SMARC (Smart Mobility ARChitecture), the only standard natively built for both Arm- and x86-based SoCs, leverages the wide-ranging smart phone and tablet computer ecosystems. Using 314-pins on a high-speed MXM3 connector, SMARC fulfills the combination of high-performance computing with low power envelopes, typically under 6W, and low costs while withstanding extreme environmental conditions, making it the ideal building blocks for potable and stationary edge systems.


The I-Pi SMARC Elkhart Lake devkit, running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 64-bit out-of-the-box, is Ubuntu certified. Done by Canonical, Ubuntu certification is a verification program that conducts a series of tests to ensure a hardware’s compatibility with the Ubuntu operating system while providing continued maintenance support.

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