AVA Developer Platform has been certified Arm SystemReady SR v2.1

AVA Developer Platform workstation gets Arm System Ready SR v2.1 certification

The AVA Developer Platform has been certified Arm SystemReady SR, ensuring the Arm-native workstation is designed to specific requirements, for certain operating systems (Windows PE, VMware ESXi-Arm Fling v1.8, Fedora Server 35, Ubuntu Server 20.04.3, Ubuntu Server 21.10, SLES 15 SP3, FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE, CentOS stream 9, Debian 11.2) to work out of the box.


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Arm System Ready SR

SystemReady SR provides a solution for servers or workstations so software just works, allowing partners to deploy Arm servers or workstations with confidence. SystemReady SR ensures that Arm-based servers or workstations work out of the box, offering seamless interoperability with standard operating systems, hypervisors, and software.

SystemReady SR is designed for the Windows, Linux, VMware, and BSD environments on systems based on server or workstation Arm SoCs. SystemReady SR ensures standard firmware interfaces to deploy and maintain, reducing the cost of supporting multiple software versions. It also aims to support old operating systems to run on new hardware and vice versa, and targets generic off-the-shelf OSs.

AVA Developer Platform

The Arm-native platform based on the COM-HPC Ampere Altra module hosts the SOAFEE (Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge) providing a cloud-native environment for embedded edge development. It supports the open source EDKII as bootloader with UEFI, so customers can just download a stock aarch64 (arm64) ISO such as Ubuntu and install it through booting a live ISO directly on the target. The same convenience we have become used to by using x86 / amd64 target systems. It's powered by 32/80-core Ampere Altra SoC that delivers the scalable power and performance necessary to drive a variety of use cases in the embedded development community from autonomous vehicles to medical instrumentation and industrial robotics.