Vivante vs Etnaviv

  • Hi, 

    How to enable Etnaviv graphic driver instead of Vivante in the Yocto build image ?


  • Dear @O. JUD, Could you please share your Yocto image information with the kernel version? Please let us know which board are you using 2G or 4G?

  • @Kothandaraman Kannadasan ,

    I'm using 2G Board , with yocto image Hardknott_1V2  kernel 5.10.35 . But i plan to move to 5.10.72 from hardknott_1V5 soon. It works well with Weston but cog browser in fdo mode does not work from branch hardknott (Don't know why) . I would like to test cog in framebuffer/drm mode(Without to launch Weston) which is not compatible with Vivante driver. it Works only with Etnaviv regarding the documentation. 

    Etnaviv driver is already available as module in the kernel . I can do modprobe etnaviv successfully. I think that the dtd must be modified but how ?  

  • Dear @O. JUD, You have received a mail from us, please check it. Your request here is a time-consuming process. Nevertheless, I will pass along the information to our software department.

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