M.2 Slot

  • Hello!

    We are looking to use the i-Pi IMX8 plus in a setup where we need to use one of the the M.2 slots.

    My question concerns the B-key M.2 slot.

    1) Can this slot fit a 2242-D5-B module? In particular, can you confirm whether D5 (which means there are components on both sides of the PCB up to 1.5mm) is also OK?

    2) Can you confirm whether you mount a screw hole in the mounting hole in front of the slot? From the pictures it seems you do not.



  • Hi Manuel

    Q1- No, we do not have 5mm clearence on the PCB side... we should change the connector for this

    this is feasible when volumes are to be made with a BOM deviation ( ~ 100+ ) 

    Q2- Yes, we have a adjustable screw hole that can be mounted in the first or second position depending upon the length used. it is by default delivered in a plastic holder with the kit 

  • Hi Henri, 

    Sorry, you mention 5mm. I suppose you mean 1.5mm?

    Can you send me the part number of the connector you fit by default? Would like to check what is the maximum bottom side height it can support.



  • @Manuel Botija my bad, typo!

    they used connector is Foxconn,AS0BC27-S30BE-7H,

  • Thanks @henri parmentier 

    The part number you have provided seems to be for the E slot. Can you confirm it is the same for the B slot? 


    I see this connector is 30mm high and that there is another variant 40mm high (S40).

    We have revised the bottrom component height of the M.2 board to be 1.35mm (D3) - do you expect the 30mm HEIGHT connector to provide enough clearance for a D3 board?

  • Same connector height for both slots, I will measure the clearence tomorrow and provide you an update 

  • Hi Manuel.

    1.5mm no problem, verified.

  • Thanks Henri.

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