No HDMI output

  • Hi. Not seeing any output on HDMI. We tried two boards, multiple cables and monitors, and the Yocto and Ubuntu images. But no output on HDMI whatsoever. We can see from the USB/UART probe that the boards are booting successfully.

    Has anyone run into this problem too? How can we disgnose this issue? Is there a way to check whether the HDMI HW is broken?


  • Hi Christian,

    You can check the Jumper settings on the board to cross check they were placed correctly.

    Please refere this link to check your jumper settings, this might be the issue for HDMI output

    If you still face this issue, please send us your boot log.

    Thank you!


  • @Allumallu Susmitha Hi Allumallu. That's it. The jumper for HDMI Coupling was set to AC out-of-the-box, but it obviously needs to be set to DC. At least in our setup. Works now. Thanks a lot for your help! 

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