Is there an input for a battery to maintain the RTC?

  • Is there an input for a battery to maintain the RTC?

  • @graham 

    Yes there is, this is located next to the Audio Jack. By default your I-Pi SMARC comes with RTC batt. installed, let us know if yours was missing!


    OK I see it now - I thought that was an ETH indicator LED. Do excuse me. Graham.

  • Good day 

    I have a few requirements for the RTC in my project and would like to find out if the I Pi SMARC RTC complies: 

    • How many seconds does the RTC drift over a period of 12 hours.
    • can the unit maintain time for at least a year when the unit is OFF?
    • can the battery charge fully within one hour once the system is ON.
    • can the RTC backup power maintain its performance for a minimum of 5 years? 

  • @Joel Kautu 

    The below answers are for I-Pi SMARC plus carrier

    1. RTC drift over 36 hours

    2. RTC battery time keeps up for over 1 year up

    3. The minimum test criteria we did was for 3 years

  • @Joel Kautu 

    Can you also reply us, if you're working on PX30 or IMX8MP?


  • @Allumallu Susmitha thanks for your response. I am using the IMX8MP. two concerns that were not addressed in your previous answer. 

    How many seconds does the battery drift after 36 hours? 

    how long does the battery take to fully Charge? 


  • @Joel Kautu 

    Hi Joel, This is PX30 forum, I see that your questions are on IMX8MP, can you please raise the questions on IMX8MP forum on our WIKI page, So we can support accordingly


    Thank you

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