Firmware upgrades AVA devkit vA1

  • I have devkit version A1. I have been using the stock ubuntu OS for quite a while and have not had any issues for the type of work I've been doing. 

    I received the eeprom chips some time ago. Yesterday I installed the eeproms and flashed the BMC and MMC firmware in that order, according to the docs. Everything appeared to go properly. for those components. At that point, I powered down and disconnected the BMC LAN. I then connected the LAN and connected to a serial monitor. I plugged in a usb keyboard and a usbstick with the EDKII/SCP firmware. 

    I powered the mains back on and then held the power button for a few seconds. The fans and lights came up but the monitor did not display at all. So, it seems to not be recognizing the boot process.

    I decided to fall back to the BMC and see if I could at least get back to that web UI. Now I can no longer access BMC either.

    I do not have a DediProg or DB40 board. Perhaps I should never have started the EDKII/SCP attempt but afaict, it never even got to that process anyhow. So, somewhere between the MMC update and the reboot attempt, I seem to have bricked the system. 

    I don't know how to best proceed from here. Please advise.



  • Dear @Mark Abrams, We have sent an e-mail to you regarding your request. Please take look.

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