Expanding the storage options in the AVA

  • The AVA platform looks like a great fit for a secure storage server (many cores, AES in hardware, plenty of PCI-E bandwidth).

    I couldn't find much info on the actual options for storage however - besides the fact that there's (only) two SATA ports and two M.2 slots, the docs don't mention anything about how much room there is for actual disks. After all, adding a HBA controller to add 6-8 more disks is trivial.

    On Twitter, it was mentioned that there is room for three disks: Twitter


    Question: what are options, if any, to add more storage to this case? Are there 5.25" slots that can be repurposed by installing a 5.25"-to-3.5" enclosure? Three disks is too little to be useful for storage (3x18TB in RAID5 at most, and that's not really a powerhouse then...).

  • AVA Developer Platform supports NVMe storage. There are two M.2 slots on the carrier. SATA ports are not supported on this platform. There are 3 HDD bay's on the chasis as shown in the above picture which can you help with additional storage. If you need more drives, you have to change the chasis.

  • @Allumallu Susmitha Yes, I feared as much; that's why I was looking at external SATA/SAS controllers (they're pretty cheap). But does the chassis have 5.25" slots that can be repurposed (like in ye olden days, when DVD drives were common)? Are there other chassis on the market that are compatible with this mainboard?

  • Unfortunately, this chasis doesn't support it

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