How to flash Ubuntu OS?

  • Can I flash the ubuntu os to the UFS?

  • At this moment we do not have a Ubuntu image available for download

    this will come, but no clear timeline yet, please keep checking the downloads 

  • @Master of SMARC Can I flash the Ubuntu downloaded from the Ubuntu website?

  • Alas, you cannot.

    The image on the canonical website is made for the much slower eMMC storage, we are using ultra-fast UFS storage.

    There would have to be a lot of changes on the images to make it run, i would advise to wait a bit


  • @Master of SMARC Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, I have tried canonical Ubuntu last weekend and failed. Lookforward to your Ubuntu image, bacause we have purchased 5 sets of SMARC 1200 and need to test our applications on it with Ubuntu  for field deployment as soon as possible. 

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