JTAG debugging of Ampere Altra CPU

  • I've been wondering if the COM-HPC-ALT module or carrier exposes any JTAG/SWD/etc. pins?

    There's what looks to be debug headers on the module, but I haven't had any success connecting my ARM D-STREAM unit to them.

    I'd like JTAG access because I'm working on EDK2 UEFI firmware and would like to debug some problems I'm seeing.

  • Hi Rebecca,

    the JTAG has been enabled. let me get information from our team and update to you early next week.


  • @Alex Wang Thanks! I had trouble using a ARM-USB-TINY-H but was able to successfully run OpenOCD, connect GDB and get debugging working with an ARM-USB-OCD-HL.

  • @Rebecca Cran @Alex Wang could you tell me which pins are which? I can't make out a silkscreen.

  • @Alex Bennée Sorry but I don't know if I can share the document that ADLINK sent me privately, but it's a standard ARM10 header: https://developer.arm.com/documentation/101416/0100/Hardware-Description/Target-Interfaces/Cortex-Debug--10-pin-

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