Access to SMPro telemetry from the BMC

  • I've been working on porting OpenBMC to the ADLINK Ampere Altra Dev Kit, and from reading the Ampere Altra BMC Interface document it looks like I should be able to use the smpro-hwmon driver to read various CPU data including temperatures and voltages.


    Looking at the ADLINK schematics though, the MMC is in the path between the BMC and HW monitor and I'd like to confirm if it's possible to access the SMPro from the BMC on ADLINK's platforms?

  • Hi Rebecca, 

    MMC on module connect to the SMPro through pre-defined I2C bus. leverage it from Ampere Altra's reference design. it is capable of reading information. 

    for example, by using the command below, the CPU temperature can be read out 

    "ipmitool -I lanplus -H -U admin -P admin -b 0 -t 0x82 raw 0x30 0x31 0x9e 0x10"

    0x82 is IPMB address based on COM-HPC Ampere Altra module

    0x9e is Ampere CPU I2C address

    0x10 is get CPU temp. register

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