MXM AXe Dev Kit – I-Pi SMARC

MXM AXe Dev Kit


Graphics Solution Prototyping Kit based on Intel Arc

Box including:

Preassembled MXM-AXe development kit consisting of:

  • MXM-AXe (R3.1) Type A module based on Intel Arc GPU
  • Heatsink with fan
  • PCIe to MXM adapter card


MXM 3.1 Type A module based on Intel Arc GPU A370M/A350M with dedicated ray tracing units, 4GB GDDR6 memory, along with support for 4x Display output, PCIe Gen4 x8 input, and AV1 hardware acceleration.

PCIe-to-MXM adapter card is an MXM 3.1 Type A, Type B, Type B+ compatible adapter card for MXM-AXe modules to support DP output and PCIe Gen4 input.

Different kinds of display configuration could be supported based on specified settings. Please contact us via our I-Pi forum or ADLINK Ask an Expert.

  • A370M: 8 Xe cores, 8 Ray Tracing units, 128 Matrix Engines, 128 Vector Engines, 35W (50W configurable TGP)
  • A350M: 6 Xe cores, 6 Ray Tracing units, 96 Matrix Engines, 96 Vector Engines, 25W (35W configurable TGP)


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