P_2V5_BMC_AUX purpose

  • Does anybody know what the P_2V5_BMC_AUX is for? Lately mine has been showing only 0.02 volts (which means it's not getting power) which I'm pretty sure it did not do before. The board seems to be working fine otherwise.

  • same as mine, still not know the reason

  • After some investigation on the schematic. I find that the P_2V5_BMC_AUX signal did not connect to any BMC ADC pin. I measured the voltage of P_+2V5_BMC_AUX pin on  the board, it does have 2.5V, and it is an activation voltage on the DDR4, if it has issues, the BMC chip won't work properly.

    Also I measured the voltage of the P_+2V5_BMC_AUX_PG pin, and it does have 3.3V.(which means the 2V5 power works good)

    So it seemes that the 2V5_BMC_AUX signal works fine, the error in BMC maybe caused by the software matters. Since the 2V5 voltage pin did not  connect to any BMC pin, the measure in BMC software would not be correct. The signal should be ignored in software.

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