uestion about I-Pi SMARC IMX8M Plus Android 11 latest image



     I downloaded the latest android image (LEC-IMX8MP-2G-IPi-SMARC-PLUS_Android11_2v3_20230316.zip) from the download area on i-pi website, but after decompression, I found that it is not the img file that can be directly burned with rufus.

    Do you have detailed user guide on how to use the image files to build a image that can use rufus software to burn to a SD Card?

  • Dear @Jackie Lee, It was a documentation error. We will update it ASAP. 

    Please use the Linux(Ubuntu) host system to flash the image.

    ## Flashing Android Image

    1. Copy the prebuilt bootable Android image to the working directory on your development host.

    2. Connect an empty SD card to the host device.

    3. Extract the downloaded image go in to the extracted directory and type the following command to flash the image in to the SD card.

       **Warning**: Make sure you first properly identify the eMMC device name as for example (/dev/sdb or /dev/sdc) by using "gparted". Data loss may result if written into the wrong device or in the worst case you kill your development host's OS.

       $ sudo ./imx-sdcard-partition.sh -f imx8mp -c 28 /dev/sdX

    4. After dd has completed, enter the following command:  

    $ sync


    - Make sure the boot loader on the carrier board is set according to the SD card or eMMC as you boot.

  • @Kothandaraman Kannadasan Thank you very much for your answer,  it works fine now. Also, is it possible to provide the Android BSP source code and build scripts for this version?

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