I-Pi SMARC IMX8M Plus Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Slow processor / Reflash USB boot loader

  • I request some support for debugging some errors for the I-Pi SMARC IMX8MPlus (51-77A07-0A30) SD card boot settings.

    I flashed the prebuild Ubuntu image from https://www.ipi.wiki/pages/downloads-imx8mplus into the SD card and boot loader settings of the IMX8MP dev board to the SD card (0110). I am facing a few issues stated below:


    1) I observe the processor slows down while doing normal operations like opening a folder, a terminal, or even displaying the desktop after login.


    2) I was trying to install ros2 focal https://docs.ros.org/en/humble/Installation/Alternatives/Ubuntu-Development-Setup.html , but I run into an issue with low space on the device and could not complete the installation.


    3) Since the ros2 installation needs internet data, when I try to connect an ethernet/usb based internet connection, the system becomes very slow and hangs sometimes, in this case, I have to reset the dev kit.


    4) I am unable to connect to the wifi, the device recognizes the wifi modules around but fails to connect.


    5) How to reflash a new OS image in eMMC on the target SMARC IMX8Mplus?  I flashed prebuild yocto image from https://www.ipi.wiki/pages/downloads-imx8mplus when the dev kit was at factory settings as a USB(UMS) enabling Uboot loader and then I was able to detect the eMMC as a storage volume in my host PC, but now when I am setting the boot loader as (1000) to reflash the target, I am unable to detect the target as a storage volume to reflash Ubuntu OS image.


    Can someone please support me to debug the above issues, thank you in advance.

  • Dear @Neha Gupta,

    Depending on how much load the Ubuntu desktop image has, the processor might slow down.

    The reason why the eMMC can't be detected as a storage device on your host device is that it overwrites the UMS image when you flash the image to the eMMC.

    To detect the eMMC as a storage device, you must first flash the UMS image again onto the eMMC.

    Please check the following link to flash the UMS image on eMMC, https://www.ipi.wiki/pages/imx8mp-docs?page=BootFromeMMC.html 

  • Thank you, the above link to reflash eMMC is helpful.

    I have tried flashing a lighter version of Ubuntu on eMMC of imx8mp, i.e. ubuntu server 22.04.2 LTS but I am unable to see anything on the display. Does the unit support a lighter version of Ubuntu such as Ubuntu Server or Ubuntu rootfs? Thank you again for your support. 

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