i-Pi Smarc x6425 Development kit is not booting properly

  • I am facing some troubles with a new development kit during the startup phase (see figure below) as the package claims that a pre-compiled operating system ubuntu has been installed.

    I followed all steps according to the manual as well as the videos. At least for the startup to start the linux OS, it should be straight forward

    Nevertheless, after setting up everything (e.g. keyboard, mouse, monitor) and starting the machine, the system seems to be stucked in the boot process permanently. This happens even after resetting, powering-down and powering-up. It doesn't matter what I press at this point. The console is responding to my key strokes, but doesn't continue to launch the linux OS.


    It seems like there is no filesystem via FSx (with x=0,1,2,3,…) available to access the filesystem and to list the content of the dictionary.

    According to my experience, you should be able to navigate through the filesystem or volume, locate the script and to execute it manually to start the boot process  (especially when you have a different boot order configuration).

    Normally, you shouldn't do anything here as the linux os should boot "automatically" without any issues.

    It seems like the complete file-system is missing here .

    I can only see one blockdriver (BLK0).

    Do you have any suggestions how to tackle this problem (eventually through a fs partition mounted on a USB drive/SD card)?

    Do you have some documentation for that?

    I already went through the UEFI documentation provided by Intel.

    I entered into the UEFI menu as well to see its current parameterization (boot order sequence, etc).

    However, I didn’t touch any configuration to not mess up further things.

    Is the OS missing in my package?

    Is the complete batch of the product affected that there is no OS installed on it ? 

    Do I need to change something in the hardware to enable an appropriate boot sequence to launch the Linux OS?

    Please, provide me some suggestions

  • Dear @T. I. , If the image is not flashed successfully this kind of issue may happen.

    1. Please try to flash the image again as mentioned here
    2. Change the boot option as shown here
    3. If still it doesn't work check the boot override option.

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