Disable random ethernet mac address generation

  • Hi , 

    Is there a way to fix the mac address on EVK board I-Pi SMARC Plus IMX8M ? 

    I'm using Yocto a build image from adlink-lec-imx8mp-yocto-hardknott_1v2.xml 

    I read about efuse register need to be updated but how ? 


  • Dear @O. JUD, It is possible to fix the mac address. Please follow the below steps,

    • Boot into U-BOOT (emmc boot) and type the following commands,

               => setenv ethaddr 00:11:22:33:44:55

               => setenv eth1addr 00:11:22:33:44:56

               => saveenv

               => boot

    • Login as 'root' and check the address by the following command,

              # ifconfig

    In regards to updating the Efuse register, we are doing our best to do so. If we get any information, we will contact you.

  • Hi , 

    Do you have any update regarding the way to fix mac adress on the SMARC card ? 

    I really need to know if booting the system (u-boot or OS ) is mandatory in order to set interfaces Mac address.

    Does the Mac can be set by you (ADLINK) when we order new modules ? 

  • Dear @O. JUD, Module MAC addresses are not set by us. It is by default that the MAC address will change randomly, but if you would like a fixed MAC address, you can do so.

  • @Kothandaraman Kannadasan 

    It is weird because after each reboot the mac address starts with 00:30:64 which os a reserved range for ADLINK. 

    I try to change the U-boot environnement from userspace with fw_printenv and fw_setenv  command  from libubootenv-bin. i tried to configue /etc/fw_env.config file with  this content : 

    /dev/mmcblk2 0x400000 0x1000

    but i have this output with fw_printenv command :

    Cannot read environment, using default
    Cannot read default environment from file

    Do you know how to solve ? 


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