Ethernet gadget driver and OTG port

  • Can the OTG on this board be configured as a device side USB? Then by doing a "modprobe g_ether" can it be used as an ethernet connection through "usb0" interface? 

  • Dear @Todd Bonack,

         The PX30 supports OTG Mode, and by default the g_serial gadget is loaded, so you need to remove it to load ether. Here are the steps to follow to make PX30 work,

    1. Connect the OTG cable between the Target and Host.
    2. The serial gadget can be removed by running "rmmod g_serial".
    3. By using "modprobe g_ether", you can load ether modules.
    4. If you run "ifconfig", you will see that the USB0 interface has been created.

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