Using GPIOs in Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC

  • How do I use the GPIOs in Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC?

    The only example code I can find is in the SEMA utility, which only allows setting of GPIOs for ID 0, bits 0-7 (which is only 8 in total) and setting these does not provide expected results. 

    For example, setting GPIO 0 as output and low - I only see either 1.56v or 3.3v at pin CSIO0 pin A5 (CAM0_GPIO0_3V).  Setting GPIO 0 as high seems to make no difference.  I also tried with PSE off for GPIO 0.  I see similar inconsistent results for the S_GPIO06_3V to S_GPIO13_3V pins on the 40 pin header.

    This page says that SEMA only supports the PCA9535 I/O expander GPIO Access | ADLINK SEMA® (

    According to the LEC-EL datasheet the onboard GPIO controllers are ELx6000 (GPIOs 0-3) and SX1509 (GPIOs 4-11), and the one on the I-Pi SMARC Plus datasheet (sheet 10) is also a SX1509.  

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  • Hi Rob, 

    SEMA 4.0 supports the LEC-EL module you have on your side,

    Installation notes and link to latest releases will be in below link

    The GPIO expander on LEC-EL is SX1509BIULTRT (SEMTECH) 

    This delivers 14GPIO,  GPIO 12/13 are located on pin 142 and 123 while all the others are from pin 108 to pin 119


    On The I-Pi SMARC GPIO_0 ~ 7 come from a second expander, so you are correct that there is a 2nd one on the  I-PI SMARC plus X  which has a different I2C address


    GPIO_8~14  > direct from LEC-EL

    GPIO_0 ~7  > from the 2nd I2C GPIO expander






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