Please provide set of Linux kernel patches that work on mainline 5.10 LTS kernel

  • I want to do this:

    * Download most up-to-date LTS (or 6.x LTS) mainline kernel from (currently 5.10.206, 6.6)

    * Download a set of ".patch" files from Adlink (Github)

    * Apply patch files to the mainline kernel

    * Compile kernel in standard way

    How do I do that?  Whare can I download a "pure" set of patches (no Yocto or Ubuntu or any other specialisation ... jsut the patches to get a running kernel).



  • Dear @Real Ouellet, The patches that we created and have are based on NXP GitHub Kernel. It can be found here[patches]. This patch is based on kernel 5.10.x version. You can take these patches and defconfig and try to apply them to the mainline kernel and compile it. The patches that we have supported are only for the NXP-based kernel. Hence, it is not tested on the mainline kernel by us.

  • Thank you very much, but I still can't fix it

    doodle jump

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