EDK2 Github repo disappeared

  • I noticed the Github repository at https://github.com/ADLINK/edk2_aadp/ no longer exists.

    I was wondering why it's been removed or the permissions changed so we can no longer access it.

  • Rebecca we took it down for a couple of days because we found a small issue when updating to this version while BMC is not latest version 2.06. Not critical but we are modyfying the README to adivse to first update BMC before updating edk2.  The BMC update is not yet online but its a major one solving the SSIF communcation problem thereby enabling to full IPMI functionallity.

    There will also be an update for the MMC next week that will enable booting from SPI on the carrier. That also is an excellent addition for those who brick the edk2 on the module and now have simple recovery option bootig from the SPI flash chip on the carrier.

    new releases next week

    BMC v2.06  (both for A1 or A2 AADP, AADK in the field is only A2)
    MMC v 2.09 (A2),    MMC v 1.09 (A1)
    Edk2 v capsule update (one package with auto detection for A1/A2)

    Edk2 will provide a 13MB version for capsule update under UEFI shell
    and a recovery version of 32MB that needs an eeprom programmer to burn into SPI flash, for the carrier 

    From there on we are working on also providing edk2 capsule updates through LVFS.

  • @Ruler of COM You already have EDK2 v2.04.100.11 on LVFS: https://fwupd.org/lvfs/devices/com.adlinktech.COM-HPC-ALT-CC.firmware

  • @Ruler of COM The 13MB version can also be burned via an eeprom programmer by specifying the offset to flash it at. e.g.


    dpcmd --spi-clk 0 -v -a 0x400000 -u edk2_fw.bin

  • Yes that would work if you flash the SPI flash on the module through DB40 connector with a Dediprog. 

    However if you would like to have a backup / recovery on the carrier SPI flash, that is pristine, you would still need to flash the whole 32MB for the first time.

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