Unable to boot from Carrier BIOS by setting JP27-29

  • Recently I try to let my AADK to boot from carrier bios (Because it is easy to reflash using a programmer). According to the User Manual of carrier, setting JP29 & JP28 as 1-2,  and JP27 to 2-3 will boot from carrier bios.

    But it takes no effect on my board, it always boot from module bios every time. Very confused about this. Are there any other settings need to do ?

  • @Jiaheng Wang I just tried to figure this out too, but with no success. The schematic shows the following, but it doesn't appear to be useful.

  • Hi Jiaheng, 

    the carrier board jumper setting is correct. we are investigating this feature and will give update. thanks 

  • Likewise, I couldn't find any configuration that would present me a different version from the last I flashed, so I don't know if both copies were flashed at once last time or if the jumpers are ignored.

  • @Willy Tarreau Apparently there will be a new MMC release coming soon that fixes being able to boot from the EEPROM on the carrier. From a different thread:

    > There will also be an update for the MMC next week that will enable booting from SPI on the carrier. That also is an excellent addition for those who brick the edk2 on the module and now have simple recovery option bootig from the SPI flash chip on the carrier.

  • Just for info, the firmware based on MMC 2.09 + EDK2 that is available in the download area now properly respects JP27 and allows to boot from the onboard flash. I reprogrammed mine and could unbrick my machine thanks to this.

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