Release plans for newer BMC and EDK2?

  • There's some exciting developent in the ADLINK Github repos for AADK/AADP, including plumbing up the glaringly missing SSIF interface support.


    What's the release roadmap for a firmware update for customers? There have been no updates since April, it'd be nice to see one including those improvements.


    And when can we expect to see a reasonably configured MegaRAC release, that at the very least can allow us to adjust fan controls, and read power consumption and CPU temperatures, on the BMC?



  • Dear @Olof Johansson, The development not only belongs to EDKII. We plan to release EDKII, BMC, and MMC as well. The official public release of all the firmware is expected in December.

  • @Olof Johansson I've just submitted 3 PRs for the ADLINK firmware, one of which fixes the SSIF interface. It was set up to use I2C9, but the link to the BMC is actually on I2C5:


    I haven't tested it with MegaRAC, but with my OpenBMC build Linux now finds the BMC and I can interact with it using ipmitool.

    ipmi_ssif i2c-AMPC0004:00: IPMI message handler: Found new BMC (man_id: 0x00cd3a, prod_id: 0x0082, dev_id: 0x20)


    I've also submitted a PR to bump the SCP and ATF version from 2.10.20221028 to 2.10.20230517, which I think might improve DIMM support.

  • @Olof Johansson ADLINK have just released updated BMC, MMC and EDK2 firmware which has several very nice improvements. SSIF support is added and works in both EDK2 and Linux, the MMC now properly supports ACPI power button (i.e. pressing the power button when in Linux will initiate a shutdown) and the boot process is nice and fast.  The BMC still needs work though, since I still see sensor fan and voltage errors when the host is powered off.

    The firmware can be downloaded from


    By the way you should have received, or will be receiving, an adapter for the module fan that plugs into the module's micro-JST header and allows the MMC to control the fan speed based on temperature.

  • @Rebecca Cran What's the status of your OpenBMC port, out of curiosity? Is the basic functionality working or is there much more yet to do?

  • @Will 💜 I have it reading data from the FRU and showing the system information (mfg, serial number etc.) but so far adding sensors for fan monitoring/control, voltages etc. has eluded me. I have the fan speeds and pwm control nodes in /sys but there's phosphor entity management config files needed to get OpenBMC to use them.

    At this point I'm wishing there was someone more familiar with OpenBMC I could work with because I'm familiar with the ADLINK schematics so I could provide all the information they need.


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