U-boot env offset

  • Hi, 

    Could you confirm that your version U-boot save environment variable at default adresses from NXP documentation as below when yocto image is burned on emmc ? 


    I tried to read with hexdump on /dev/mmcblk2 and nothing is showed . 

    Can you provide the good values. 

  • Dear @O. JUD,

    iMX8MP UBoot is configured to use the default ENV_SIZE and ENV_OFFSET specified by NXP.
    We were able to read out the uboot environment saved at offset 0x400000 of eMMC using hexdump.
    Below is the command used for dumping the uboot environment:
    $ hexdump -s 0x400000 -n 0x4000 -C /dev/mmcblk2
    You should make sure 'saveenv' uboot command is executed at least once prior to dumping the uboot environment so that environment is stored in the specific offset of eMMC.

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